Susane Colasanti is the bestselling author of 11 realistic, contemporary teen novels: When It Happens, Take Me There, Waiting for You, Something Like Fate, So Much Closer, Keep Holding On, All I Need, Now and Forever, and the City Love trilogy. She has also written a serial fiction book, Inside Wants Out.

Susane has a bachelor's degree from the University of Pennsylvania and a master’s degree from New York University. Before becoming a full-time author in 2007, Susane was a high school science teacher for ten years. She lives in New York City, where the energy makes her feel alive.

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Teens who are drawn to new-adult titles and dream of romantic, parent-free summer escapades will be well rewarded.

Readers who enjoyed City Love will appreciate the contemporary urban vibe and the promise of more teen adventures to come.

Readers will feel the strong, vibrant pulse of city life.

Smart girl chick-lit.

Susane Colasanti's bestselling books strike a chord with teenage girls...because they shine a light on the angst, worries, dreams, and passion of youth.

The strong characters, as well as thoughtful insights on relationships, come together.

Captures the rush of teen love and lust...Colasanti's attention to detail is what makes her readers return.

Grab your blankets and sunscreen now: This is an ideal summer beach book.

Noelle’s situation will resonate with teen readers.

Emotionally satisfying from beginning to end.

Colasanti fans will love this. A fun exploration of a city and a teen’s dreams.

Readers will fall in love with Brooke's New York City.

Colasanti has once again formulated a teen romance that feels realistic, which will make this novel a hit with readers.

An honest portrayal of romantic turmoil and backstabbing.

Colasanti has her finger on the pulse of teenage dialogue and emotions.

As a realistic portrayal of first love and BFF betrayal, this hits the mark.

Intelligent, fast-paced...will resonate with readers.

Chick lit for girls who think.

Colasanti presents an authentic picture of how complicated it is to be a teenager, especially one in love.

Colasanti has a knack of sustaining the heart-pounding suspense of young love for the length of a novel while managing to make it read, charmingly, like a conversation.

Each character's voice is strong, and the dialogue is stolen right from the corridors of a contemporary high school.

Colasanti ably captures the teenage voice through language that is real and not forced. Her easy writing style will speak to teen readers.

Colasanti obviously remembers the kind of love that makes your insides churn, belly flips and all. Her take on young romance is insightful, fresh and fun, her characters fully formed and likable.

Realistic dialogue, multi-layered characters, musical references and issues that matter most to teens make this story happen. Like Sarah Dessen, Colasanti knows how teens operate.