Susane Colasanti presentations

Back in high school, I felt like my real life wouldn't begin until I left for college. The waiting was excruciating. But then I realized that my real life was already happening. And while there were lots of things I couldn't control, there were many changes I could make to improve my life.


Your Dream Life is a presentation designed for teens of all ages. My objective is to motivate participants to identify their goals, then work toward achieving them. I want to inspire teens to turn their dreams into reality. By maximizing positive energy, participants learn how they can improve their lives and the lives of those around them. Achieving personal goals while actively making the world a better place is a powerful approach to creating a happy, productive life.


This presentation includes a short workshop component. I guide participants through the process of identifying what's most important to them, pertaining to both short- and long-term goals. Everyone then develops a viable plan to take daily steps toward reaching the goal that is most important to them. All participants take away a tangible reminder of their heart's desires and ways to begin turning their dreams into reality.


My philosophy is that by focusing on the things that matter most to us every day, our thoughts, words, and actions will work together to support our journey. Your Dream Life helps teens explore what they can do to improve their life right now and encourages everyone to make positive choices that will shape both their present and future.


AV requirements: projection equipment able to support MacBook Pro Keynote presentations.


Duration: flexible within the range of 25 minutes to 1.5 hours.


You may contact me for rates and availability, or contact Danielle Kolodkin directly at the HarperCollins Speakers Bureau to schedule an event. Danielle can be reached at 212.207.7100.


A variety of presentations are available. My HarperCollins Speakers Bureau profile contains more information.